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Industrial Silencers

We have successfully designed, manufactured and supplied over 15,000 silencers to our domestic and international clients. We have supplied maximum pressure of 140 kg/cm2 and 120 TPH of steam flow.

Industrial Silencers are used to reduce the noise generated when planned or unexpected pressurized steam, air, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or other process gases are vented (blown off) from high pressure to atmosphere. At such times, high noise levels, which are dangerous to plant personnel and likely to be environmentally unacceptable, are generated

Industrial silencer works by expanding the incoming flow through many small nozzles. This expansion creates a reduction and frequency shift in the vent noise.

By correct selection of nozzle size, spacing and pattern, this reduction can be optimized to produce overall quieting.

The pressure drop across the inlet diffuser is selected according to the duty of the silencer. We can examine the pressure losses through the pipe work and recommend the most suitable silencer pressure drop for the vent duty